Letter to the Editor

Choppers a nuisance

San Luis ObispoAugust 6, 2013 

Has anyone else around been hearing helicopters overhead in San Luis Obispo for the past four months?

I understand that Sierra Vista has a new helicopter area, but I am hearing helicopters four to six times a day. Far more than I’m sure is needed to transport to other hospitals.

Sometimes they are high in the sky, sometimes very low and very noisy. It’s worse at night and sounds like Vietnam at the height of the war.

Is there a helicopter training school nearby? Has the city addressed this? Approved this?

The noise is incredible and more than annoying.

Let’s hear more about this, citizens of San Luis Obispo, and let the government know how we feel about this!

Keep our skies free of this noise pollution before it gets like it is down south.

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