Letter to the Editor

Welcome students

San Luis ObispoAugust 5, 2013 

The students are coming! The students are coming! Yes, the students, not the British. Before we know it, Cal Poly students will be back, moving into our neighborhoods, eating at our restaurants, drinking in our bars, shopping at our stores and paying our taxes.

But this is not the 18th century, and the British are not invading America. Like the British, these students have a goal, but it is to earn a degree and get a job, not to fight a war. Cal Poly only accepts the top students (the average grade-point average of last year’s class was 3.87, with an average ACT score of 27).

We were all as young as these students; maybe some of us (certainly not me) are as brilliant as these Cal Poly students today. But the one thing many longtime San Luis Obispo residents have on these students is years of wisdom.

Please take time to welcome these students into their community and share some of your wisdom with them. We have lost too many intelligent young students over the years. Your words of wisdom and the fact you care about their future may go further than you think.

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