Letter to the Editor

Land barons unneighborly

Paso RoblesAugust 4, 2013 

Supervisor Frank Mecham’s revelations regarding the development of the water crisis are very interesting (Viewpoint, Aug. 1).

If I understand his letter correctly, there were studies as far back as 2003. He says that now is not the time for finger-pointing.

True, that will not solve the problem. However, it is entirely legitimate for the affected citizenry to ask why, with all the findings gathered and no rainfall to speak of, no action was taken to curb growth.

We know that vineyards take 67 percent of the water. Therefore, judicious permitting of giant new agricultural wells should have topped the list of countermeasures. Doing nothing got us here!

The statements members of Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions and its allies use to rally their troops make it clear that they are categorically opposed to any restrictions. Yet they brazenly suggest that county residents whose wells are dry, or at risk of going dry, step aside, be neighborly and find ways to “share water.”

The arrogance of land barons demanding that residential overliers incur physical and financial hardship so their business activities are not curtailed is nothing short of appalling. Not only that, they even consider an emergency moratorium on expansion intolerable. There is nothing neighborly about their stance.

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