Letter to the Editor

What happens next?

San MiguelAugust 4, 2013 

We have all seen the charts indicating the water problem has been studied since 1997, yet nothing has been done.

Once the water is gone, what will happen?

Will we be able to fill water tanks from the supervisors’ homes for our families? How are the supervisors going to protect the water that supports lives?

Put measures in place that will not be one-sided, serving the gluttonous wants of a handful of vintners. Stop this nonsense; the information is there, daily, that more vineyards are going in and huge wells are being drilled to support them.

Five large agriculture wells and countless acres of vineyards are being planted in my neighborhood alone — reminiscent of the Gold Rush — going, “Hurry before they shut us down!”

When the water is gone, are the vintners going to be here then?

Surely not — they will return to their lavish homes in other places and look at maps to determine where they can obliterate the next community for the almighty dollar.

Our supervisors will have had part in the demise of the area. They need to do the right thing and let us be proud to have elected them, and make the tough decisions.

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