Letter to the Editor

Too many nukes

Arroyo GrandeAugust 2, 2013 

Nuclear proliferation is one of the gravest dangers that our world faces today. The number of countries that have stockpiled great numbers of nuclear weapons is awesome. The overriding question is what actually is the need now that the Cold War is over?

If one country did use such a weapon against another, the resulting effect would be cataclysmic.

A chief problem having to do with eliminating these terrible weapons is that they have become status symbols. Many nations that at the present do not have them, now wish to join others that do. Also, they can be used as deterrents — a threat that if they are attacked, they can be used in retaliation.

A reasonable step would be for the United States to begin to substantially reduce the number of our nuclear weapons to set an example.

President Barack Obama took a first step in this direction in his Berlin speech urging negotiation with Russia to reduce deployed strategic nuclear weapons up to one-third further than required in the New START treaty.

According to a number of military leaders, the United States can be secure with only 100 or fewer warheads. So let us begin!

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