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‘Sleeping water’

I am still trying to fathom the reasoning by the Cambria Community Services District to continue their crusade to start issuing intent-to-serve letters. I thought that the CCSD’s first supposed responsibility was to look after the interests of the existing Cambria residents and to strive to provide them with a stable water supply and sewer service.

I agree with all conservation efforts, but it occurred to me that although this particular issue is discussed at nearly every board meeting, in addition to the well levels and the amount of water we MAY have available, we seldom hear about what impact the water that is already on tap could have on our supply. For a lack of better words let us call this “sleeping water.”

This water is not being used, as the businesses/properties are vacant. I began to think about what effect these properties would have on our supply if and when they return to operation? Major water users in my mind would be restaurants and currently we have three not operating: The Hamlet, the Brambles and the Harmony Pasta Factory.

To add to these users, we have several large businesses that are no longer (or are not yet) operating. These are the Rod and Reel Trailer Park, Bank of America, the Lighthouse Church in the West Village, the new library and the Ace hardware store.

Then there are several smaller businesses that have vacated premises — to name a few, the units in the Tin Building on Bridge Street, units in the medical building on Main Street, buildings and units on Sheffield Street in the West Village and units on Knollwood Circle.
Admittedly, many of these properties do not use so much water, but it is still water that can be turned on tomorrow. Of course, to add to the equation, let us not forget the Kingston Bay and the People’s Self-Help Housing proposed developments, which will be very heavy water users.

In case you are unaware, we also have sitting in abeyance many properties that have been given extensions, such as a lot with 16 EDUs on London Lane — and then there are other lots with grandfathered water meters. Some of these grandfathered meters already have plans underway for construction.

Unfortunately, I am not privy to how much water these represent, but these already have a real commitment from the CCSD. However, I do know that there are buildings currently being erected, such as one on Burton Drive (next to 1201) and then there are remodels extensively expanding properties like the one on Newhall Avenue (next to 1745).

These are just samplings as I know that there are more.

Although these properties currently have no occupants, presumably they will have their taps flowing in the near future. As I have mentioned before, one must not forget the properties that are either second homes or ones currently being used as vacation rentals, which if circumstances change could turn into being occupied by full-time residents.

I am only an individual and do not have the time to study or investigate all these issues. I just go on what I consider to be logical conclusions. I try to attend the CCSD meetings and am grateful that we have a board willing to spend countless hours perusing all the relevant documentation. However, when common sense seems to have disappeared I feel that I need to voice my opinion.

In the circumstances, I cannot see that in the near term conservation can offset the existing potential development and influx of new residents that exists, so what can be the rational reason that our board is continuing in this stampede to issue further intent-to-serve letters.

f there is a compelling reason it should be shouted from the roof tops so that every resident will accept OUR elected officials’ position.

I now intend to help resolve this issue by not drinking any more local water and instead retire to my living room and drink some imported wine!

Tony Church


Missing Brannon

Our family has subscribed to The Cambrian for about the last 20 years. We live in Orange County and visit Cambria at least twice a year. The paper helps us keep connected to the community!

We enjoy staying on Moonstone Beach Drive and dining at many of the great restaurants!! Never miss a play at the Pewter Plough Playhouse and on and on.

What I do miss, though, are the wonderful stories written by John Brannon! He truly had the heartbeat of the community. He would write about all four seasons in your wonderful town! It’s my understanding that he moved out of Cambria and is living nearer his family. Some things don’t stay the same and I understand that but Mr. Brannon had a gift and I would like to thank him for his weekly reflections on Cambria.

Rick Paap

Los Alamitos

Editor’s note: John Brannon continues to live, for now, in Cambria, as he prepares his house for sale. He expects to be ready to list it in late summer.

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