Road repairs just ahead in Paso Robles

City leaders have come up with the first phase of fixes for the next four years funded by a sales tax increase

tstrickland@thetribunenews.comJuly 31, 2013 

Parts of Airport Road in Paso Robles are especially rough and need repairs. The painted ‘STOP’ is barely visible, and parts of the road look more like gravel than asphalt where the road intersects Scott Street. Tribune photo by Joe Johnston


Paso Robles’ cracked and crumbling roads will soon be on the mend now that city leaders have come up with their first phase of fixes for the next four years.

In November, the city’s voters opted to add a half-cent to their sales tax for 12 years to fix the roads after deferred maintenance and state funding takeaways during the recession meant a rough ride for residents. The sales tax increase, which went into effect April 1, is estimated to generate about $3.5 million to $3.9 million annually through fiscal year 2016-17.

The initial batch of fixes covers approximately 9.1 miles of road at a cost of $15 million through fiscal year 2016-17, according to the city. As previously discussed by the council in March, the initial focus is being placed on thoroughfares over individual residential streets in order to get the most-used sections of city roads done first.

Since then, studies have been done to assess the structural base of city streets through coring and other work before construction can be done to repair them.

In some of the selected first-phase road segments, work will also be done to complete missing sidewalks, fix disabled ramps, remove tree roots, fix drainage issues and add or repair bike lanes, according to the city.

In other parts, aging water and sewer infrastructure along or below roadways will also be repaired, with those costs to come from city water and sewer funds.

When will certain roads be fixed in Paso Robles?

The Paso Robles City Council recently approved the following timeline to fix various stretches of roads within the city:


• Airport Road between Scott Street and Pioneer Trail Road

• Country Club Drive from Niblick Road to the Paso Robles Golf Club parking lot

• Rolling Hills Road between Golden Hill and Creston roads

• South River Road between Navajo Avenue and Niblick Road


• Jackson Drive between Union Road and Shannon Hill Drive

• Shannon Hill Drive between Jackson Drive and Creston Road

• Walnut Drive between Union and Creston roads


• 12th Street between Fresno and Vine streets

• Creston Road between Oak Meadow Lane and Golden Hill Road

• Scott Street between Creston and Airport roads

• Spring Street between First and 36th streets


• Union Road between Golden Hill Road and Highway 46 East

• Creston Road between South River and Rolling Hills roads

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