Letter to the Editor

False assertions

San Luis ObispoJuly 30, 2013 

Several letters to the editor of late contain the central argument that man-made climate change does not exist. This is in spite of the vast, peer-reviewed and globally accepted scientific truth that we are experiencing global warming on a scale that has and will continue to bring the destruction of our ecosystems.

The time to stop printing these malignantly false missives has come. By providing a public forum for these letters The Tribune is complicit in propagating the fossil fuel industry’s lies that there is still scientific doubt on this issue.

The policy of The Tribune to print letters that “contain no factual inaccuracies” is a good one and should apply to those who refuse to accept that global climate change is the pressing problem of our generation. Letters to the editor provide a public forum for the community to share and debate ideas.

Due to the speed at which climate change is happening we must stop debating what has already been scientifically proven and move the debate toward what actions we can take to improve this growing problem.

As Barack Obama stated in his climate speech, “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.”

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