Letter to the Editor

Uncertain process

Arroyo GrandeJuly 30, 2013 

The lack of transparency surrounding the supervisory appointment process has been frustrating to citizens of our county. We feel like we are in the dark. As an applicant, I have received updated information about what to expect.

The governor’s appointments division is accepting applications, and is also now conducting phone interviews. I had mine on Friday. The governor’s office will not disclose the number of applicants.

After the phone interviews, an extensive vetting process will begin, including reviewing support letters, contacting community members and background checking. A faceto-face interview may be done as well. They hope to complete that process by the end of August.

The governor will then be presented with a group of “finalists” from whom he may appoint, interview further or reject according to his own independent judgment. The only two criteria he is required by law to adhere to is that the applicant be registered to vote and a resident of District 4. Whatever other criteria the governor uses is entirely his to determine.

The uncertainty surrounding this process is understandably unsettling to the citizens of our county. By sharing what I know, I hope to demystify the process and provide the transparency our community demands.

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