Medicated Flea Soap!

Posted by David Middlecamp on July 29, 2013 

Oct. 14, 1876 Tribune ad for local made flea soap by the San Luis Obispo Soap works.


Bedbugs have been in the news lately but pests are not a new problem. In 1876 the San Luis Obispo soap works opened on Monterey St. across from the courthouse.

Their ad  offered a variety of products, Borax Bleaching Soap, Palm Oil Laundry Soap, Olive Detersive Soap and Medicated Flea Soap.

"A duty we owe to ourselves is to patronize HOME MANUFACTURE AND HOME INDUSTRY."

"Terms of sale to the trade at San Francisco rates and families will find it to their advantage to purchase directly from us, as we intend to make this branch of trade a specialty. F.W. Utley & Co."

They have a three year head start on Ivory soap, first sold in 1879. Proctor and Gamble would go on to clean up the competition.


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