'A Push to Remember' skateboard team is almost to the finish line

July 29, 2013 

Morro Bay resident Jack Smith is skateboarding across America to raise money for Alzheimer's research. Smith and his "A Push to Remember" team is hoping to raise $100,000 on their three-week trek from Oregon to New York. For the team's route and other information, visit http://www.apushtoremember.com/. Smith's updates on the trip will continue to be posted at http://sanluisobispo.com/.

Another frustrating day. Found a nice road out of Williamsport, some very nice pushing. Then the rain came, light sprinkles at first, so we stopped in Forksville to wait it out. Not a chance, the heavens opened and a rain of biblical proportion ensued. While sheltering in the van, Dylan noticed that we were right next to a state park called "The World's End." So of course we had to pay a quick visit.

When the deluge lightened a bit, we drove forward in search of dry road, didn't find any, but we did come around a curve to find a very large tree had fallen across the road. We had just enough room to drive the van under it. I halfway expected to see Chief Ladiga - Silver Comet Challenge organizer, Marion Spears Karr jump out of the woods.

We drove on to Dushore where we stopped at Mary Beths Deli for lunch and to let the roads dry. A lucky stop for us, Mary Beth and her crew treated us with great hospitality and also gave us $50 for two PTR tee shirts and told us to keep the change.

After an hour wait we were finally able to skate again. When we reached Highway 6, it had a fair sized shoulder, but the traffic from the Proctor-Gamble factory was horrendous. Every team member was on edge on this stretch. We bailed on to 107, followed by the 407 and 438 which had little to non existent shoulders, but much less traffic. We ended our day in Carbondale, PA.

Franklin Klock and his wife Michelle had tried to track us down on the road, eventually catching up to us at the Best Western, where we received a great deal from the manager (she also baked us some chocolate chip cookies). After checking in, we sat in the lobby and chatted with Franklin and Michelle. What a nice couple. A few days back Franklin asked for all our heights, I had no idea why...today he presented the team with custom made "push sticks," we were stoked! Thanks Franklin!

Tomorrow, one way or the other we will be in NYC. I'm having the typical bittersweet feelings I have had on every one of my pushes across America. Happy to be finishing, but sad to see it end.

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