Letter to the Editor

Food for thought

San Luis ObispoJuly 29, 2013 

In response to Patti Launders (July 26): Perhaps you, Ms. Launders, have the luxury of picking and choosing your groceries, assuring that everything you consume is produced without harm to other creatures. Maybe you have the land and time to grow your own food. Most don’t.

Young people who raise animals for the fair (and ultimately consumption) work hard to care for their animals. The handsome steer to which you referred was the result of countless hours of loving labor to give that animal a healthy and safe life. Like the other animals at the fair, he was raised for slaughter and consumption. While there are tears at auction day, there are also hard-won lessons about seeing a project through and respect for what it takes to raise healthy animals and provide food for the community.

Few understand how much work it was to raise that steer which was then used to feed members of our community who live with food insecurity every day. Christine Allen’s active participation in assisting her neighbors should be honored as the act of generosity it was, not criticized.

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