Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Bruce Gibson

Morro BayJuly 28, 2013 

Thank you Bruce Gibson! When I moved to the Central Coast in 1985, the Los Osos sewer debacle had already been the subject of contentious debate for several years. As it continued to plague state and local government agencies through the following decades, none of the succeeding District Supervisors — though excellent representatives in their own right — could seem to wrestle the sewer issue to a successful conclusion.

Thanks to the wisdom, courage and perseverance of Mr. Gibson (and many, many others), the county has succeeded in breaking the deadlock that had crippled the community for decades. Mr. Gibson has not only advanced the Los Osos sewer project, but, in my opinion, he has conducted the other aspects of his position and personal life with integrity and focus. Perfect? Hardly, but I will give Mr. Gibson a very strong “A” for his performance and success in a job that has often proved to be thankless and mundane. Bravo, and well done Mr. Gibson!

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