Letter to the Editor

Trail is Mankins’ legacy

NipomoJuly 28, 2013 

To have known Howard Mankins was an honor. Howard was a true gentleman; a person you loved, respected and admired.

Howard gave so much to the community in his quiet and dignified manner. One thing I’d like to mention is the existing riding/hiking trails connected to our Nipomo Park.

While the park was in the planning stages, Howard met with a small group of us to discuss our views and suggestions. Even though I was a “newcomer,” having moved to Nipomo in 1965, I realized how important it was to set aside riding trails. Developers were moving in, land was being sectioned off, our sandy country roads were being asphalted. Our riding arena would soon be bulldozed. It was happening so fast!

Howard returned to his office, signed the necessary forms, presented his proposal and the trails were born.

I no longer ride, but my dog, Toddy, and I regularly hike the trails and I am reminded of that meeting so long ago and I whisper, “Thank you, Howard.”

If the trails continue to exist, it would be a wonderful memorial to this most beautiful human being who quietly, seeking no fanfare, always strived to stay connected to the people and do whatever he could to help make things better.

Suggestion for naming the riding trail: The Howard Mankins Trail.

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