Letter to the Editor

Regulate before ruin

San Luis ObispoJuly 28, 2013 

Welcome to Pismo Beach, the canyons and agriculture fields!

It’s great news for developers, banks, investors and big box stores. But didn’t we play that game a decade ago for jobs and taxes?

Weren’t we aware that our freeways and roads would be parking lots? Frustrated drivers waiting in line to get on and over freeways while our blue skies and carbon gases mix to cause smog and climate change.

Wake up, SLO City Council and the powerful Board of Supervisors, you are supposed to represent us.

Now is the time to make a plan regulating developers and other one-percenters to pay for the expense of widening roads, overpasses and freeways before ruining happiness in San Luis Obispo.

We have experienced L.A.’s fiasco and we moved here and love it.

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