Mishaps don't stop 'A Push to Remember' team's trek through PA

July 26, 2013 

Morro Bay resident Jack Smith is skateboarding across America to raise money for Alzheimer's research. Smith and his "A Push to Remember" team is hoping to raise $100,000 on their three-week trek from Oregon to New York. For the team's route and other information, visit http://www.apushtoremember.com/. Smith's updates on the trip will continue to be posted at http://sanluisobispo.com/.

Started off the day with guest skater Dennis Blevins and his wife, Lee Ann, joining us. What a pleasure these two are ... such an enthusiasm for life.

Played our usual game of hopscotch coming out of Canton, master route finder Dylan Smith kept us rolling. Had some great pushes with Dennis through some beautiful countryside. We even hit a bit of five star, tight grain, fresh asphalt!

Today was just weird, on the same stop ... Dylan steps out of the van into an S hole in a drain pipe alongside the road, actually took a few minutes to extricate his foot. Had a minor scrape and turned his ankle a bit. Then Marc comes rolling up from his push and begins barfing from an intense migraine. Later in the day I skated down a fairly nice downhill, as I rolled it out on the uphill, I started pushing, it was shady and had my sunglasses on, didn't see a big ol' rock and locked up. Got pitched, landed on my elbow, resulting in a case of swellbow!

Colleen was back skating today.

The highlight of the day was all five skaters, plus cameraman Dylan, getting to skate a 5.3 mile-stretch of the beautiful Samuel Justus Bike Trail. Beautiful surface, stunning views of the Allegheny River and some incredible history involving the oil industry.

We met a very cool guy named Bob Young at the end of the bike path, guy is 82 years old and fit, bicycles 125-150 miles a week. Had a great conversation with Bob, then he had us follow him to the turnoff to Clarion so we wouldn't get lost.

We are in Clarion, PA, tonight as there were no lodging available in Oil City. Tomorrow, onwards to Wellsboro, PA.

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