Letter to the Editor

Where county fails

Retired director of San Luis Obispo County ParksJuly 26, 2013 

Kudos to Tom Craig for calling out San Luis Obispo County Parks (July 23) for neglecting its responsibilities to maintain the Cayucos Pier. By ignoring the 2009 plans, the cost of repairs has risen dramatically. Efforts to seek funding from the Coastal Conservancy, with a long history of funding local coastal access projects, were dropped along with any other efforts to fund repairs then estimated at less than $100,000.

This is just the latest example of the current administrative staff of the General Services department failing to meet their obligations, in this case both to the community and, contractually, to State Parks. Similar inaction ranges from failing to repair the critical water line serving Morro Bay Golf Course to failing to complete a draft environmental impact report for the Bob Jones Bike Trail (begun in 2009).

Faced with challenges such as homelessness, juvenile crime and a sewer for Los Osos, the Board of Supervisors has inadvertently allowed endless delays and reduced community service from the parks program, largely because the public has not made it a priority. You deserve better. Urge the board to demand better of its staff before it costs us all even more.

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