Letter to the Editor

Sensitivity needed

AtascaderoJuly 24, 2013 

The devastating loss of our dad, husband, son and brother, David Calmere, was further deepened by the callous story of his death (July 18), which detailed the last few minutes of his life. There was no forewarning to his family that it was going on the front page of this newspaper. The writer of the article said she tried to reach us before it went to print, but no family member received a call from her.

David made a terrible decision in not stopping. He was portrayed as being in a “high-speed chase” that lasted all of four minutes — why was it so sensationalized in the headlines? The answer is to sell newspapers at his expense.

He was not a “prison guard,” but a correctional officer. He worked hard to achieve his position. He was a military veteran, a graduate of Cal Poly and a loving father, husband, son, brother and friend. As David’s family, we know that this man was so much more than just what appeared in this newspaper.

We miss him so much, and know since he was such a spiritual guy, he is in a better place now. Please use more sensitivity and accuracy in similar future articles.

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