SLO survey is a ruse

Arroyo GrandeJuly 24, 2013 

This letter pertains to the article by AnnMarie Cornejo on Measure Y (July 19).

Good reporting, Ann-Marie. Unfortunately, Councilman Dan Carpenter’s concerns about the city wasting $30,000 on a public opinion survey were overridden by the City Council. I agree that they just want to use that survey as a tool to market the tax.

Not only is the survey a charade, it is a ruse. We should all give that survey a large piece of our mind in response, although I doubt many of us will ever get to provide any input.

Nothing is mentioned in the article about “how” the survey will be conducted. Why should we vote to extend a tax that has already been dipped into for other purposes than were promised? Clearly, we can’t trust them once they get our money. Where is the $30,000 coming from to pay for this survey? Could it be it’s coming from the current Measure Y taxes? The survey is a waste of money; Councilman Dan Carpenter is right.

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