Letter to the Editor

Rodeo, abuse time

Arroyo GrandeJuly 24, 2013 

With the fair upon us, so are rodeos. With rodeos comes abuse.

How is it that a person can think that it is perfectly OK to have an innocent little calf chased by a 275-pound so-called “cowboy” and a 1,500-pound horse, only to have a rope thrown around his neck, pulled taut, wrestled to the ground and then sat on while his little hooves are being bound and wrapped with a rope? Do you not think that the calf might be frightened? Would you be frightened if that happened to your children?

Come on, people, wake up. This is not 80 A.D. This is 2013. Enough is enough. Find some other type of entertainment that doesn’t involve terrorizing innocent animals.

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