Letter to the Editor

Help preserve nature

Los OsosJuly 24, 2013 

noted how annoyed she was to find many areas of the Elfin Forest that she used to wander through have been fenced off for ongoing restoration — work that’s needed because too many people like herself were wandering through those fragile areas. She declares she no longer feels welcome because the fences and signs send the message: “Come enjoy nature ... but not too much! And don’t go touching it; you’ll ruin it.”

Well, that’s the issue exactly — too many people going into too many fragile areas. But instead of complaining, she should become a member of Small Wilderness Area Preservation, become a Weed Warrior and join that hardy band of selfless volunteers who gather on the first Saturday of the month at 9 a.m. at the end of 15th Street in Los Osos to spend a few hours doing restoration and weeding work.

Most visitors understand the reason for the signs and closures. They know the forest remains a very fragile place that needs to be protected and constantly repaired. I urge Ms. Thompson to become a part of that great work.

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