Letter to the Editor

Families need water

WhittierJuly 24, 2013 

The North County of SLO is in an emergency water crisis, and so is my sister, Denise Smith, and her family of six. They are landowners in Paso Robles, and they cannot exist without water.

To the San Luis Obispo County supervisors: You must take immediate action at your meeting on Aug. 6. You must put into effect mandatory emergency measures to help these landowners throughout the county who are losing their water to dry wells.

Regulations such as a moratorium on new plantings by the vineyards, limiting the sizes of wells and reservoirs, and monitoring by the county have to be put into effect immediately. Eventually, everyone in your county, not just the small landowners, will begin to feel the effects of this water crisis, if drastic steps are not taken now!

If this crisis is allowed to continue without strict mandatory regulations and property values decline even further, these areas will become “ghost towns” with no visitors or tourists to enjoy the beauty of this part of California. Please do not let this happen. You must take emergency actions on the water crisis now.

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