Letter to the Editor

A path to healing

AtascaderoJuly 24, 2013 

“Can’t we all just get along?” These are famous words spoken by Rodney King during the ’94 riots in L.A. Once again, protests turned destructive over George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Whether the jury was right in its ruling is no longer the issue; Trayvon Martin is gone.

An opportunity exists now for healing, a la Rodney King. Zimmerman, who fears for his life, could start the process of healing both himself and the world by uttering the simple words “forgive me,” followed by a statement regretting having a gun the night of the shooting, or saying the “stand your ground” law should be repealed. If his lesson included becoming the poster child for the gun control lobby, he might actually be loved.

Those who believe him innocent forget: Taking a life, no matter how accidental, forever haunts you. Years of suppression and counseling may make it livable but never acceptable. Hardening yourself to the fact only blocks you from the love of the world.

Zimmerman has a chance to rise above the revengeful world and offer healing to all who hate him by joining them in their sorrow, turning tragedy into a miracle.

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