Letter to the Editor

All blood runs red

San Luis ObispoJuly 24, 2013 

I grew up in a crime-filled neighborhood. For their own safety, cops patrolled our street in pairs. Gates and bars prevented breaking windows and doors to forcibly enter stores after closing. Burglars broke in through the roof next to my third-floor bedroom above a store. Survival meant respecting everyone.

To endure, I argued and fought with no one. I had to mind my own business. If Trayvon Martin did not fight George Zimmerman, Mr. Martin would be alive today. If Mr. Zimmerman followed orders to stand down from patrolling and following Mr. Martin, two lives and their families and Julie Lynem (“How to Explain about Trayvon Martin?” July 18) would not have been devastated.

Lynem does not address that the individual is responsible to everyone for their errant behavior starting an unnecessarily rough fight and committing a needless aggravated battery on another person.

Teach our sons/children that Zimmerman vs. Martin was not colored in black and white — Zimmerman vs. Martin was colored red with too much blood shed by two men, neither respecting each other.

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