Tourist cars targeted by North Coast thieves

ktanner@thetribunenews.comJuly 23, 2013 

Thieves in a recent rash of Cambria burglaries mostly targeted vehicles in motel parking lots, county Sheriff's Office Sgt. Keith Scott said Wednesday, July 17.

He said at the monthly meeting of the North Coast Advisory County that several of the dozen burglaries in the past 90 days have involved a thief who saw a shopping bag in the vehicle, “from someplace like the Apple Store.” The thief then smashes a window “and takes the opportunity to grab what’s in there."

Scott explained that “some property is being recovered blocks away,” he said, as thieves are “going through it as they run, tossing out what they don’t want.”

As is often the case in summertime, Scott said, “I believe they’re taking advantage of the tourist time” here.

He advised motel workers, especially those at the front desks, to advise their guests to take their valuables into their rooms.

Other deputies have advised in the past that, if people are going to put valuables into the trunk of their cars, they should do that somewhere other than where they’re going to park that vehicle, because a potential thief could be watching.

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