Letter to the Editor

A balancing act

Los OsosJuly 23, 2013 

In response to the July 19 letter by Wren Thompson of Los Osos, I understand and would like to address her feelings about fences.

The Elfin Forest is a preserve of native California flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy. I know many Los Osos residents like you resent attempts to limit personal freedom. However, any park area must balance use against abuse.

The year you were born, local residents had torn up the forest with motorcycles, created thousands of trails, introduced untold numbers of nonnative invasive species and created an outdoor garbage dump of building waste, unwanted household items and dog waste.

Many biologists believe humans are the most destructive environmental threat on our planet. The Los Osos Dunes are fragile. Pedestrians destroy sensitive soil species stabilizing against erosion.

I would be glad to give you and anyone else interested in conservation a guided tour with explanations.

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