Letter to the Editor

Just fix pier, already

CayucosJuly 23, 2013 

Cayucos, “That Last Funky Little Beach Town.” It has a nice ring to it. It’s too bad San Luis Obispo County Parks has dropped the ball on the maintenance of the Cayucos Pier. As a surfer for more than 50 years, I have watched pilings pop loose and drift into the shorebreak over the past 20 years. Structural connections that failed years ago seemed to have vanished from the county’s radar. Does the county do an annual inspection?

Shoreline Engineering did its lengthy report in 2009, but nothing has been done to remedy the situation except a hefty study for $105,000.

I find it odd that 20,000 people can visit Cayucos on the Fourth of July and the pier gets partially closed on July 5.

Plenty of money has been spent on administrative costs and studies. You know what needs to be done. Get some emergency funding, hire a reputable marine contractor and get the job taken care of before winter kicks in and demolishes Cayucos Pier!

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