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It's never too late for love

Special to The CambrianJuly 22, 2013 

What a delightful day I had. My brother and his new bride snuck into the guest room late last night (I knew they were coming) and awoke bright and early this morning. I’d never met her before. They’ve only been together since the beginning of the year.

My brother is proof positive: it’s never too late for some things. This was his first marriage. He turned 66 in May. I was so, so happy to see how sweet they were with each other.

Mind you, my brother was more than just a big brother when we were growing up. He helped pay the bills after my mom and dad split up; he did the driving on vacations; he was the “man of the house.” He did so much to take care of our mother and us girls. We could never repay him.

So, to see him finally have his little wifey and own apartment (he’s shared a house for years with my sister and her husband) and worrying about someone for such different reasons and have someone fussing over him brought great joy to my heart. And, she and I hit it off quite well to boot (I like to think he found some of my qualities in her)!

It’s amazing what love will do, too. Heretofore it has been somewhat of a family chuckle to have a conversation with my brother as his hearing has diminished and what with his vast knowledge of many things, his curiosity and enthusiasm, those conversations were usually quite one-sided.

This morning at breakfast, everyone got a word in edgewise! I’ll be darned. While he’s always been motivated to do most anything anyone asked of him, he was just so eager to please and show her around Cambria, I had to laugh.

Looking at what I’ve written here so far seems poorly written in its simplicity. However, I suppose love is. Yes, it feels so complex when one is experiencing it some times. But, the bottom line is: it makes life worthwhile.

Like something “as seen on television,” love will improve your hearing, make your hair grow longer and fuller, make you take note of your overall appearance, make you smile at the littlest things, makes you even take notice of the littlest things. It makes gratitude all the easier. It makes life so much more bearable.

These are the gifts I witnessed my brother experiencing. These are the gifts I’ve wished for him, I wish for my sons, I wish for us all. I have long felt that it is not just romantic love that makes life so full, but love of beauty, friendship, a great poem.

However, it is certainly a deeper love one lives when it is tied to a particular person, one heart, eh? And the brotherly-sisterly love I have felt all my life has grown with this new, sweet lady tied into our crazy family tree.

Nope, never give up on love, folks. It’s there when we’re ready for it!

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