Letter to the Editor

Following the money

San Luis ObispoJuly 22, 2013 

There’s an old political axiom — “follow the money” when you are trying learn someone’s agenda.

A variation of that could be “follow the facts.” This is what I tried to do with Mr. Richard Ferris’ “fact” website he noted in his climate change denial letter of July 11.

It turns out the site (put up by a Monte Hieb) is an amateur site by a coal mining engineer whose hobby is the fossils found in coal deposits. Mr. Hieb’s scientific background in climatology is having worked for the West Virginia Office of Mining Safety, an office with a dubious record at best. He has published no peer-reviewed scientific papers and has little on his site other than opinions and links to fossil fuel information links.

As far as following the money is concerned, it takes only a little investigation to learn that vast amounts of money are being spent on disinformation campaigns. Unfortunately, far more I suspect, than is being spent on actual climate science and research.

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