Letter to the Editor

Less lethal power

Grover BeachJuly 22, 2013 

Ed Halpin’s July 14 piece praises the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: This “mighty” plant produces less than a quarter of our electricity needs, and we should keep it because it employs 1,200 people (200 more are subcontractors).

That’s actually fewer than Cal Poly employs, and they are not producing any waste that requires hieroglyphics to explain the danger to future generations. Yet somehow, this employer giant (the same that is looking at more than $2 billion in fines for the San Bruno disaster) is supposedly the only thing propping up our local economy and keeping our lights on. San Onofre was supposed to be just as vital, and yet no one missed it after being down for 17 months. Further, if a company that produces that little energy is so critical to a region’s economic picture, it is our moral obligation to find less lethal ways to produce that amount of energy.

Our household is doing just that with solar panels — they are leased so we didn’t pay a dime — and we get a lower electric bill along with putting clean energy back into the grid. that is areal win-win for our region, and no radioactive storage is necessary.

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