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With hits old and new, Tim McGraw keeps fair crowd rockin' out

The TribuneJuly 19, 2013 

Tim McGraw performs in concert at the California Mid-State Fair on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.


As part of The Tribune’s coverage of the 2013 California Mid-State Fair, we’re running a series of concert reviews. Here is Tribune staffer Lori Scott’s account of Wednesday’s concert by country star Tim McGraw.

The Chumash Grandstand Arena was nearly packed Wednesday night as we waited to see Tim McGraw come on stage.

He took the stage wearing tight-fitting jeans and a gray T-shirt that clung to his ripped body. He truly looks good for 50.

Tim opened with “Where the Green Grass Grows,” and the crowd loved it. Everyone around us was singing along to the words of this popular hit from the past.

Tim played through a few more hits, some old and some new, as the crowd continued to sing along.

Then the lights started flashing as the band started playing some random music as Tim talked to the crowd. I couldn't figure out what song he was going to play next. Then all of the sudden the band switched gears and within the first few beats, I knew that “How Bad Do You Want It” was playing.

We all were rocking out by that point.

Tim introduced his band members, then went into “Just To See You Smile,” another oldie but a goodie. During this song, he sat down at the edge of the stage and serenaded some lucky people.

When he started playing “Highway Don't Care,” we were wondering if he would have a "special guest" come on to sing Taylor Swift’s part, but he didn't. He had a track playing in the background so her vocals would come through.

It didn't seem to bother those around us, as we just decided that since Taylor wasn't there she wouldn't mind if we sang her part for her. LOL.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves the rest of the evening.

When Tim came out for the encore, we got to hear four more songs before the night was through. All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening.

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