Letter to the Editor

Fenced-off forest

Los OsosJuly 19, 2013 

The Elfin Forest no longer feels welcoming. Entering, you’re greeted by fences, cords, poles, signs, all sending the message: “Come enjoy nature ... but not too much! And don’t go touching it, you’ll ruin it.”

I’ve lived by the Elfin Forest all 18 years of my life. It’s where I learned about nature, and where I’m currently learning about frustration and the term “power struggle.” When the plastic green fences were first put in, and I read the signs about restoration, I was irritated. I could no longer enter my favorite groves, walk my usual trails. I got through it, reminding myself that it would be gone in a while and the place would be all the better for it. I saw coyote fur stuck on barbed wire from the animal getting stuck while relearning its habitat, and I thought things would change.

I was wrong. The fences are sagging, the poles now rusting and the barbed wire waiting, now with added tetanus! Small Wilderness Area Preservation has added more fences to cope with more traffic, leaving old fences to never be removed. I’m done with seeing the place I love become a grab for power and “protection,” only to be left in fenced disarray.

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