Letter to the Editor

Target panga boats

Morro BayJuly 18, 2013 

Why is it we can spot a fly on the sidewalk from a mile up, but can’t seem to spot these panga boats off our coast? Is it a coincidence that we seem to be able to find most of them “after” they have unloaded the drugs or other illegal cargo?

Starting to look a little fishy to me. We have drones, military planes flying practice missions, passenger planes and whatever flying along the coast with all this high-tech radar and scanning equipment, but they can’t seem to see these speeding boats. If one argues that this all happens at night, my feeling is that it’s false. They say the boats come from Baja, and to make such a trip they would have to be traveling for hours. Wouldn’t drones flying out of San Diego and Santa Barbara be able to spot these “speeding” boats? Either the higherups feel it’s insignificant, or you can guess the other reasons.

We can stop it if we make the trip too dangerous, i.e. wiping out several of them as the come in to unload. If we keep up the same policy, it’s only going to get worse.

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