Letter to the Editor

We’re out of the loop

Los OsosJuly 16, 2013 

Why are we buried in the puny Zimmerman case and other “human interest” stories when the Middle East is exploding, and we’re now nose-to-nose with the two other nuclear powerhouses in the world over Syria and Iran? Because it’s the United States and the Israelis who are promoting the entire dangerous mess.

The suppressed story is really about preserving the Federal Reserve’s money-printing scam and petrodollars. Iran, Syria, Russia and China don’t want to deal in dollars for oil only because they know it’s baked in the cake that the dollar will crash into hyper-inflation. Gold and other “real” currencies will crush the buck, because the buck is worthless paper if and when the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries dumps it, thus the wars.

When the corporate government media needs to bury stories, it fills all outlets with junk and the “sheeple” get sucked right in. Russia, China, Syria and Iran aren’t backing down on this one. Even the term “thermonuclear war” is being tossed around.

Again, Americans, you are being left out of the loop. You just get in the way, apparently.

Editors know the drill. Don’t rock the higher-ups at corporation’s boat.

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