Letter to the Editor

Climate hype

Arroyo GrandeJuly 14, 2013 

The climate change alarmists are out in full swing, aided by The Tribune and other media, while ignoring the facts and data.

World temperatures have been kept since 1880 and in 133 years, the Earth’s temperature has risen 0.75 degrees Celsius, plus there has been no change in the past 16 years. So why all the hype? The rest of the developing world, China and India are not buying into this.

We have been left with a wonderful road map showing us past temperatures and climate activity with the science of dendrochronology, the study of annual tree rings, which can accurately let us look into the past decades, even thousands of years in the case of the sequoias. They show very little climate change. If anything, we are a little cooler at this time.

It is true, we had a terrible forest fire in Arizona a couple of weeks ago, but it was far from the worst ever. Back in 1910, before fossil fuel was in question, the Northwest experienced the worst forest fire in history called the Big Burn that swept through the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho, consuming more than 3 million acres and costing the lives of 78 firefighters.

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