Letter to the Editor

Stop the over-pumping

San MiguelJuly 14, 2013 

The water crisis in North County is reaching the point of no return! County supervisors are well aware of the issue, but two of them are stalling.

I just want to ask the holdouts, which would be harder to say? “I’m sorry, residents; you can’t use the water to brush your teeth twice a day, only once every couple days; you need to conserve,” or “I’m sorry, huge vineyard conglomerates; you may not be able to expand this year; at least you get to write it off as a loss.”

Really? Domestic water use has priority, period! Stop new drilling! Give our basin a timeout on over-pumping until the solutions are found.

We as a community need to come together to save our basin, for everyone, residents and farmers alike! The Board of Supervisors needs to take the leadership role we elected them for!

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