Letter to the Editor

A foul call on coverage

CambriaJuly 14, 2013 

Let me get this straight. Please don’t tell me that the fair-minded Tribune is a Giants fan. On your June 30 sports page, the headlines were “Giants waste a gem from Cain.” OK, I get it. World champs are going downhill. Great team and franchise having a hard time; welcome to my entire season thus far.

However, in the interest of fairness and my belief that everyone gets a fair turn, I turn the page to look for my beloved Dodgers. What do I find: “A’s lose Parker, then lose to Cardinals” and “Angels top Astros, win fifth straight.” Finally, in the scoreboard, I find the Dodgers.

I realize that everyone can’t get top billing, or even secondor third-page billing, but let’s look at this with my Dodgers cap off and with complete objectivity. These were all AP stories; that means you pick them.

Second, the Dodgers, having experienced a miserable season thus far due to injuries, have the hottest player in the Major Leagues right now, Hanley Ramirez; have the most exciting player in baseball period, Yasiel Puig; and a had walk-off hit June 29 by A.J. Ellis. And all I get is box scores? Really?

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