Letter to the Editor

Science takes a holiday

San Luis ObispoJuly 14, 2013 

In his July 11 letter, Richard Ferris says Will Powers showed “curable ignorance” when Powers stated that those who downplay human-caused global climate change are endangering our children.

Ferris goes on to say “no warming in 18 years” and equates belief that humans are causing the horrific changes we are all observing is akin to believing that the Earth is flat.

Who should we believe? Mr. Ferris (who cited a study from six years ago!), or the scientific community? A detailed 2011 survey of the experts at http://www.skepticalscience.com clearly shows that 97 percent of the experts believe humans are the primary cause of global warming. I suppose it’s possible that we, here in little SLO, are home to someone like Mr. Ferris, who knows better than all the experts. As for me, I’m siding with the scientists. Mr. Ferris, not Mr. Powers, exhibits curable ignorance.

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