Letter to the Editor

Help the pier

CayucosJuly 12, 2013 

As a resident of Cayucos since 1998, I enjoy the tens of thousands of people who filter into our town to celebrate Independence Day. Every Fourth of July, the streets are lined with people enjoying the hometown parade. The beach is filled with sunbathers and those admiring the many sand sculptures. Local merchants and establishments are booming with business. At night, thousands gather to watch the fireworks display blazing from the pier, which brings me to my reason for this letter.

On July 5, half the Cayucos pier was closed to the public. Built in 1876, many of the pilings and supports are in need of repair or replacement. It represents a public safety problem, and that is why I am seeking the public’s help.

Cayucos residents hope to continue Independence Day festivities in the future, but fireworks from the pier may be in jeopardy. Repair estimates exceed $2 million. Cayucos is hoping to get grants to help, but donations are needed to make this work. If you are willing, go to http://www.savecayucospier.org and click on “Donate.” Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your continued support.

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