Two wishes for Terry ‘TJ’ Miller

TJ’s CUHS Drama family is mobilizing efforts to help fulfill two of TJ’s wishes, i.e., cross two items off his ‘bucket list’

Special to The CambrianJuly 11, 2013 

Terry “TJ” Miller is a cherished 17-year old student of ours who is a valuable member of our Coast Union High School Drama family. He has been a key member of our technical crew for the past three years and for his upcoming senior year, he has dutifully and deservedly earned his place as our stage manager.

TJ was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, grade IV, a type and grade of brain cancer that is essentially incurable. Despite the unimaginable, TJs personal qualities, including his positive outlook, resilience, and sense of humor are more than remarkable, and those attributes are going to allow him the best quality of life for the longest time possible.

Likewise, TJ’s family members, though understandably devastated, are models of loving and tender support.

TJ previously had a brain tumor removed when he was a fourth-grade student at Cambria Grammar School, and our community rallied to his side. In light of his recent diagnosis, we are asking both the communities of Cambria and Cayucos (where he currently lives) to once again provide the incredible support for which these communities are so well known.

TJ’s CUHS Drama family is mobilizing efforts to help fulfill two of TJ’s wishes, i.e., cross two items off his “bucket list.” One of TJ’s wishes is to experience the beauty of Hawaii with his family (Laura, Matt and brother Andrew) and, as a lover of theater, another of his wishes is to experience the phenomenon of “The Lion King” when the national tour arrives in Los Angeles in November.

Generous members of our community have already provided the use of their condo in Kauai (The Basiles), and enough United frequent flyer miles to purchase two round-trip tickets (Peggy Christianson).

You can also help fulfill TJ’s wishes by contributing any items or services that you think would enhance the Hawaii or Lion King trips (for example, enough United frequent flyer miles to purchase one or two more round-trip tickets to Hawaii) or, of course, by giving monetarily.

A donation account has been set up at Heritage Oaks Bank (go to any branch and ask to deposit to the Terry “TJ” Miller donation account) or you can contribute via the Internet by going to

For further information, call Lani Zaragoza at 924-1337 or 909-1514 or email Please extend your appreciation of CUHS Drama and give what you can to help fulfill two wishes for TJ.

Thank you!

Cayucos resident Kirk Henning is director of Coast Union High School Drama. Morro Bay resident Kit Hansen is vocal director of CUHS Drama.

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