Letter to the Editor

Yes? Oh, yes!

Paso RoblesJuly 11, 2013 

Kudos to the persons responsible for getting the great progressive rock band members “Yes” to the new Vino Robles Amphitheater. It was an incredible show. The performers were outstanding, and the setting was fantastic.

“Yes” played three full albums of their vintage material, and Jon Davison breathed new life into this band with his vocal talents. The musicianship was reminiscent of 40 years ago.

Jon Davison may have finally filled Jon Anderson’s (former original “Yes” vocalist and SLO County resident) shoes, by singing nonstop for three hours, with the same high range, clarity and youthfulness in his voice. It was almost as if you were listening to each of the albums on your headphones, but with the added features of improvisation and visual effects. There is not one bad seat at this amphitheater, and the lighting, seating and sound were excellent.

A big sorry goes out for all those who did not attend and show support to this great band and beautiful venue; there were empty seats. It was well worth every penny spent; I believe the attendees feel the same way, and I, for one, will be back to see more — hopefully “Yes” will, too.

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