Letter to the Editor

Water crisis is real

AtascaderoJuly 8, 2013 

In response to The Tribune’s July 7 Voices Page, if we must choose between drinking water or wine, drinking water wins hands down. To stay alive, we all must drink clean water on a daily basis. I suppose those who are addicted see it differently.

Republican John Peschong suggests that the county help individuals “spend a little more money” upfront to drill further. He is out of touch with most of us who find $28,000 a bit difficult to come up with. The county cannot afford this ill-advised measure for thousands of homes.

Democrat Zaf Iqbal recognizes the severity of the problem’s timetable. He also believes that the party inflicting the loss has to compensate the victim. The wine industry is responsible for 70 percent of water usage, but balks at paying 70 percent toward fixing the problem. In the meantime, critical level three — the most serious level — goes unheeded by our supervisors.

Drilling further or doing more tests does not create water. The crisis is real. It must be addressed now!

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