'A Push to Remember' skateboard team makes it to Oregon starting line

July 8, 2013 

The third annual Morro Bay Mile was our best ever, with almost 60 skateboarders participating. We had racers ranging in age from 5 to 55. Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons made the push again this year. A big thanks to Morro Bay Inc., all its volunteers, Commander Bryan Millard and the Morro Bay Police Department. A special thanks to Ken Vesterfelt for the police escort during the ceremonial start of A Push to Remember.

The ceremonial start included local commercial fisherman Jeff French who was a member of the first team to cross America by skateboard in 1976; representing the 1984 team was Morro Bay native and former World Champion Slalom Skateboarder, Paul Dunn. Nick Krest of San Jose and a member of the 2003 team was also in attendance. A big thanks to all the skaters who rode with us during the ceremonial start.

The "Push to Remember" team is now in Newport, Oregon. Long hot drive. Driving into Newport today on Highway 20, I sure didn't remember the shoulders being so narrow. Maybe, it's just that I'm older and not as brave or as stupid as I once was. Checked with some locals and I'm going to recon a different route in the morning. The kids are out for a skate.

Newport reminds me a lot of Morro Bay. Highway 101 runs right through it...real glad that's not the case in Morro Bay.

Highlight of the day: ordering off the "Senior Citizen's" menu for the first time!

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