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Paso RoblesJuly 8, 2013 

Regarding: Gosia Wozniacka’s June 21 Associated Press article about Central Valley poverty involving Cristina Melendez:

While I oppose the existence of poverty and sympathize with Cristina for her reported struggles, I object to using Cristina’s situation as a springboard for a political agenda.

Cristina may be unhappy, but the “whole” of her situation is not reported. Therein lies my objection. Such reporting only serves to accentuate the unfortunate divide between the fortunate and less fortunate. Where’s the appreciation of opportunity? America provides ample opportunities in its democratic free-enterprise system to excel. However, the system creates many layers of economic achievement. Not everybody is a CEO, and there is a need for lower-income positions.

Wozniacka outlines sympathy-provoking issues, but fails to identify other attending issues. Aside from Cristina being dissatisfied with her “plight” as a field laborer, how about the advantages she enjoys? Her seven children were born in the United States and enjoy U.S. citizenship/privileges. How about all the food stamps she receives?

Although the article states she couldn’t get health care, care is available. She chose to be pregnant at 15 and deliver seven children here. There’s no mention of a husband/father of the children. Finally, if she’s unhappy with her state of affairs, she has freedom to look elsewhere.

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