Letter to the Editor

Warming is a threat

San Luis ObispoJuly 7, 2013 

If someone came into your house and threatened your child with a weapon, you would do everything within your power to stop the assailant.

So it is with what must be done with the likes of Charles Krauthammer, whose recent column (“President Obama’s focus on global warming is folly”) presents claptrap rationalizations that do, in fact, represent a danger to all of our children.

He offers a number of pseudo-arguments: (1) A war on coal will cost jobs; (2) We’ve already reduced carbon dioxide emissions; (3) Our changes will not solve the entire problem; and, (4) Other nations are not cooperating.

Change the specifics, and you’ve heard similar arguments from your teenager when you push for a cleaner room or improved grades.

Yes, the First Amendment guarantees free speech. But, when someone like Krauthammer actively works to stop responsible Americans from doing all they can to save their children’s future from disaster, they come dangerously close to treason, if not to functioning as an accessory to murder.

It’s just that serious.

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