Letter to the Editor

Poly successes

San Luis ObispoJuly 7, 2013 

It was gratifying to see the story about Victor Glover becoming an astronaut (June 29). Of the four Cal Poly grads who’ve accomplished this, all are engineering grads and two were educated in the mechanical engineering department.  My colleagues have taken a very good department and made it even better, we believe.

It was especially gratifying to see the pivotal role played by professor Jim Locascio in convincing Glover to stick with his mechanical engineering education when things got tough. Locascio has toiled interminably, often unappreciated, but always making decisive contributions to the lives of the young men and women who pass through his classroom.

The mechanical engineering department has made a significant contribution to industries up and down the state, elsewhere in the United States, and even abroad, in Germany, Sweden, and Spain, where we have active exchange programs.

In his long tenure at Poly, Locascio has personally educated thousands of mechanical engineers who, like Glover, have reached high and achieved great things. His good work deserves recognition, so thanks to you for telling of his part in Glover’s accomplishment.

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