Letter to the Editor

Faith, not truth

Morro BayJuly 7, 2013 

I would like to respond to Jack French’s letter of July 5 in which he claims God is against homosexuality. I’m assuming he believes the Bible is the word of God.

Though they may have been inspired by their notion of God, it was human beings who wrote the Bible. Had an all-seeing, all-knowing deity had a hand in the writing, there wouldn’t be so many inconsistencies resulting in so many different interpretations, including Mr. French’s.

Even God is not the same being throughout the Biblical narrative. He begins as the exclusive god of an obscure tribe of desert nomads. He is at times a jealous god, a vengeful god, sometimes punishing, sometimes testing his followers, ruthlessly bringing havoc down on their enemies.

By the time the New Testament arrives he is the God of all people, a loving father.

As for homosexuality, since it is an accepted fact that it is not a choice but a matter of genetics, one would think since God supposedly had a hand in our creation, he wouldn’t have created some gay and some straight.

To be rational, remember that each religion is labeled as a faith, not as a truth.

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