Letter to the Editor

Plan for time off

TempletonJuly 7, 2013 

Am almost positive I’m going to offend many with my thoughts as to the vacation and sick leave pay that people are stockpiling in cities and other venues — but here it goes:

Why not make both of those payments “use it or lose it”? Sick leave, for example, is to be used if you are too sick to go to work — very rational for all concerned — but if you don’t use it (hopefully don’t need to!), it is not an entitlement that you keep it. It was meant for a specific purpose!

Vacation time — well, I think there are statistics that prove that people work better when they have breaks. If some think that not taking vacation days is wise, well, I disagree. I worked for years in the tourism industry and can assure you that breaks are necessary to restore one’s physical, mental and emotional health ... not to add allowing one to reconnect with family, friends and nature without scrambling to find an hour to do so.

So, were we to make a rational decision and keep these two payouts — vacation and sick leave — to be used only and not to save for a future payout, we would save money and employees would lose nothing, really!

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