Letter to the Editor

Water district a must

San Luis ObispoJuly 7, 2013 

I wish to thank The Tribune for covering the Paso Robles groundwater basin issue in detail. I have always thought local politicians, those at the county level and below, were more in tune with their area and cared more about protecting it and their constituents. This series of articles has certainly proven me wrong.

How can anyone believe that natural resources like clean air and clean water are infinite? How can anyone believe that it is not necessary to limit development/growth to protect and preserve the environment and its resources? Good development/growth protects and enhances what you have — it does not strip and eliminate those resources.

The county supervisors should have addressed this issue many years back. This is no time to be weak. No action is also an action/choice and not what we need.

Establish a water district and needed controls now before it is too late. How many wineries do we really need? And I certainly hope those golf courses use recycled water. My heart goes out to all those families and farmers who are suffering.

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