Murder charges filed against Paso Robles woman accused of paying to have her ex-boyfriend killed

Four others also charged in death of Victor Hugo Sanchez

ppemberton@thetribunenews.comJuly 5, 2013 

After paying a group $4,000 to assault her ex-boyfriend in October, a scorned Paso Robles woman allegedly paid $8,000 to have him kidnapped and beaten more severely four months later, officials say.

But what was supposed to be an assault turned deadly. And now, the woman, Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo, stands accused of murder.

The District Attorney’s Office filed murder charges Friday against Fajardo, who turns 50 Monday, and four men: David Rodriguez Hernandez, 37; Edgar Ontiveros, 18; Louis Henry Madrigal, 19; and Alejandro Anguiano, 19. Fajardo allegedly enlisted the support of Hernandez, of Ceres, who then brought in the others from Modesto.

According to court files, the following occurred: After a bitter breakup, Fajardo hired five people to assault her ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Victor Hugo Sanchez of Paso Robles, in the fall.

After the October assault, which left Sanchez with several cuts, a broken nose and broken arm, he told police he suspected his ex-girlfriend had something to do with the beating.

Later, Fajardo hired one of the assault participants, Hernandez, to kidnap Sanchez and injure him more severely. On Feb. 22, Hernandez drove his three recruits to Paso Robles, showed them where Sanchez lived and rented a motel room for them. He also showed them where to park during the kidnapping and provided a route to take afterward. That same day, Ontiveros obtained firearms.

The next day, Hernandez provided the group with a Honda Accord, and they purchased window tinting for the vehicle. During the evening, they approached Sanchez outside his apartment complex, where Ontiveros shot him with a handgun. Afterward, Hernandez drove the three recruits back to Modesto. Fajardo paid Hernandez $8,000 in cash, and Hernandez paid $2,000 of that to Ontiveros.

Fajardo is fighting extradition in Georgia, while Hernandez is believed to be hiding in Mexico.

Authorities are still looking for the three recruits. In addition to murder, they are charged with conspiracy, second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with enhancements for kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Hernandez’s wife, Christine Lee Garner, 25, is expected to appear in court Monday on charges related to the initial assault. Her sister, Crystal Lynn Garner, 26, and her boyfriend, Joseph Villarreal Jr., 24, both of Stockton, are also charged in that case.

Neither the Garners nor Villarreal have been charged in the murder. Investigators in the case were first led to Crystal Garner and Villarreal, who allegedly confessed to the initial assault. Crystal Garner allegedly told investigators she knew Fajardo as “Comadre.”

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